Marina Restaurant

minilogo   The Marina Restaurant quite literally brings a little part of the Mediterranean to Essex.

   The team behind The Marina are known for running successful restaurants across London serving delicious Mediterranean food, but The Marina has always been their dream…

   10 years ago they opened the stunning Marina restaurant in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal town of Alanya.  Customers were always happy and spent some of their happiest days there, serving them fresh, healthy food in the sunshine.

   The dream since then has been to bring some of that Mediterranean happiness to Essex so that people could escape the bustle for a few hours and take a ‘micro-holiday’ at The Marina.

   The Marina is a place where all the generations of the family can dine together, where professionals can meet to talk business, where couples can have a romantic meal and where every occasion can be celebrated.  It is a firm favourite with commuters, the local community and visitors who have heard of The Marina’s reputation and want to experience its mouth-watering food and authentic atmosphere.

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