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Ice Cream Cocktail £5.50
Selection of ice cream (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) served with crush nuts and cherry/  
chocolate sauce to make an unforgettable taste.  
Chocolate Fudge Cake £5.50
Moist chocolate sponge sandwiched and topped with rich fudge icing.  
Wild Strawberry Cheesecake £5.50
Delicate cream cheese filling layered between two slices of sponge cake and decorated with  
strawberry puree and wild strawberries.  
Tiramisu 3 Savoiardi £5.50
Individual Tiramisu made with savoiardi and real mascarpone.  
Banoffie Pie £5.50
Toffee and fresh bananas, topped with double cream and milk chocolate curls set on a digestive base.  
Cream Caramel £5.50
Rich egg custard baked onto a sauce of caramelized sugar.  
Apple Crumble £5.50
Delicately baked apples topped with a crisp crust.  
Lemon Sorbet £5.50
Lemon sorbet is made with selected lemons and are absolutely dairy free.  
Key Lime Pie £5.50
This zesty oven-baked treat makes a refreshing and indulgent end to a meal  
A Spoon Of Ice Cream £5.50
Please choice of one, (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio)  
Sutlac £5.50
Traditional Turkish sweet rice pudding served cold with pistachio  
Sarma Baklava £5.50
Filo pastry filled with crushed walnuts and honey syrup.  
Liqueur Coffees  
Coffee Liqueur £7.00
( Irish - French - Baileys - Tia Maria - Cointreau)  
Malibu  £7.00
Baileys £7.00
Tia Maria  £7.00
Southern Comfort  £7.00
Amaretto  £7.00
Archers  £7.00
Sambuca  £7.00
Jagermeister  £7.00
Midori  £7.00
Limoncello  £7.00
Grand Marnier  £7.00
Cointreau £7.00
Dis tillates  
Remy Martin  £8.00
Courvoisier  £6.00
Armagnac £8.00
Dess ert Wine  
Port Por tugal Glass 50ml: £4.00
A rich, fruity Port with black fruit flavours and light clove-spice complexity  
Vistamar Late Harvest Moscatel Chile Glass 100ml: £5.00
Straw yellow in colour, with golden highlights. Aromas of white flowers, peach,  
apricots and quince carry through to a palate of more ripe stone fruits and dried  
fig flavours.  

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